Eco Sac

The Superior Solution for Rainwater Storage for Your Home

eco sac® is the superior flexible rainwater bladder tank that hides away under decks or floors making it much more discrete than traditional rainwater tanks. The bladder tanks sit in a strong galvanised or stainless steel frame supported by industrial strength geo tech fabric. There are no moving parts and the inlet/outlet pipes are static and easy to access on the end of the bladder tank. The bladder tanks are made from a superior PVC material which enables potable rainwater storage to Australian Standards.This means that the rainwater captured can be used to safely fill swimming pools and fish ponds without fear of contamination from the bladder tank.

By placing the eco sac® under a house or deck, the eco sac® can harvest all of the rain that falls on the roof by diverting the downpipes to a common in-flow pipe which goes into the side of the eco sac®. This means that more rainwater can be collected much faster than in a traditional rainwater tank. Multiple bladder tanks can be installed either side-by-side or end-to-end for almost unlimited rainwater storage. Once the bladder tanks are full, any excess water diverts to the existing storm water system so that there is no fear of over-filling.

eco sac® - Innovative Rainwater Storage for Under Decks and Under Houses

When you buy an ecosac® you get everything you need to start capturing rainwater other than the plumbing to the ecosac®.
eco sac® fills from the side. This means that less height clearance is needed than with top-fill bladder systems. You only need 700mm in total. The inlet/outlet pipes are supported in a fixed position by a metal mounting plate which is screwed into the frame and hence acts as a support brace for the pipework. This means that there is no movement and no risk of leakage or strain on the fittings. This is a unique and patented feature of the eco sac® which sets it apart from other brands and, importantly, ensures a static plumbing system. There are absolutely no "o" rings to keep lubricated so maintenance is minimal. Furthermore, the pipework is easy to access at the end of the sac rather than running under the sac with the weight of the water on top of it like some brands.
The bladder tank is protected from the ground by a strong sling of geo textile fabric which slips around the galvanised steel frame. The eco sac® does not need to sit on a concrete pad or pavers but we do recommend a paver goes under each leg (flush with the ground).
The durable pvc of the bladder has been tested and accredited to the AS 4020 potable water standard. This means that the water stored in it is safe for human consumption, safe for topping up swimming pools and safe for filling fishponds.
eco sac® units are priced from $2018.25 including GST