Eco Sac FAQ

How much storage do I need?

The answer depends on two things:

1. How big your roof is to capture the rainfall that you need
2. What you want to use the water for

Get in touch with the professionals at New Water (NZ) Ltd and we will help you determine how much storage you need in order to have enough water for all the things you want to use it for. Remember that 1mm of rain on 1 square metre of roof will give you 1 litre of water.


What colour is it? Does it come in other colours?

The eco sac® colour is “earth tone” – close to beige in colour. It is only available in one colour due to the highly specialised nature of the material.

What do I get in my eco sac kit?

With every kit you get:

- the bladder with 100mm inlet and 2 x 30mm outlets fitted
- a galvanised steel frame with legs
- aquaplate mounting plate for inlet and outlets
- protective geo textile fabric
- 2 ball valves
- hex screws and brass locking nuts
- 100mm length of vent pipe
- 1 x 100mm-90mm reducer
- 1 overflow relief valve
- a pump (optional)

Will the eco sac leak?

No. eco sac® is manufactured using industrial strength fabric sealed by high frequency welding. The eco sac® manufacturing technology is taken from much larger industrial applications for bladders holding over 100,000 litres of fluids much heavier than water. The fabric is incredibly strong and is supported in industrial “geo-tech” fabric harness within a galvanized steel frame. eco sac® uses the overlap method of welding the seams which is much stronger than the "fuse" method used by other brands.

What about difficult access under my house or deck?

An eco sac® flexible rainwater storage system will fit under your house as long as a person can get under your house. Ideally, a height of at least 700mm is preferred as it will enable maximum storage capacity for your eco sac®. The sac will fill to a height of 600mm and then there is room for the 100mm air vent that pokes up in the middle of the sac.
If space is tight, the overflow pipe can be set lower than 600mm. The height of the overflow pipe from the ground will determine the height to which the sac fills.

Can a pump be connected?

Yes. Any type of pump and/or mainswater control system can be connected to your eco sac® flexible rainwater storage system.
If you want to reticulate inside the house for toilet or washing machine you will need to buy a "float chamber" (RRP=$55) to connect the Mains water controller to the eco sac® so that the Controller knows when the eco sac® is empty and to switch back to Mains water. If you order from our ESM range the Float chamber is automatically included.

Can it overfill?

Not if the eco sac® is installed according to the installation instructions! Our preferred professional installer network is properly trained to ensure that the eco sac® will never overfill. It is essential that the overflow pipe be set correctly at no more than 600mm from the ground.

Once the bladder is full, any excess rain will divert to the existing stormwater system. The eco sac® includes a fail-safe relief point for the overflow pipe unlike any other flexible or fixed rainwater storage system.

Does the eco sac need to sit on level ground?

Yes. The ground under an eco sac® cannot be sloping. It needs to sit on level ground in order to ensure that maximum storage is achieved (water won't run uphill!) However you do not need to prepare the ground with concrete. The bare earth is sufficient just as long as a paver or brick is put under each leg but so that the top of the paver/brick is flush with the ground.

How good is the water quality?

The eco sac® is made from fabric imported from Sweden. It is the only flexible rainwater storage system in Australia that is manufactured from fabric which has been tested and accredited to AS4020:2002 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water. This means that the quality of the water stored in your eco sac® is safe for human consumption and safe for filling up swimming pools and fish ponds.

Does the eco sac come with a warranty?

Yes. The eco sac® has a 10 year warranty as long as it is installed by a trade professional in accordance with the installation instructions You can even register your warranty on line. (See our "Warranty Registration" page).

Unlike some other brands, the eco sac® warranty covers both material and workmanship for a full 10 years.

What sizes does the eco sac come in?

eco sac® comes in 66 different sizes and configurations ranging from 1,700 litres to 10,000 litres in a single sac. More storage can be achieved by joining multiple sacs together as long as you have the space available. Go to our "product info" page and click on "read more" to download a complete listing of available sizes.

What can I use the water for?

The water stored in an eco sac® can be used to water the garden, fill swimming pools or fishponds or can be reticulated back into the house for use in toilets or washing machines. Our installers can advise on what size eco sac® is best to meet your water usage needs and also what pump is best for your needs.

How much does the eco sac cost?

The eco sac® price depends on the size you buy and whether or not you buy a pump. Get in touch using the Enquiry Form and we will organise for a qualified installer to come and give you an obligation free quote on the eco sac® that best meets your needs and its installation.

What happens if I move house?

The eco sac® is easily transportable so that if you move house you can simply empty the eco sac®, roll it up and dismantle the frame and all the connections. As long as the eco sac® will fit between the piles of your new house you can move it with all your other possessions and get a qualifed installer to re-install it for you.